Failed Battery

Detailed Status
Host: oracle1
Module: ee028_003
Affected Tray: Controller Tray
Affected Components: Failed Battery
Controller A:  1T12227561 ( c2t5d0 )

Probable Cause
The batteries in the battery canister have failed or reached their expiration date.

o Do not perform these recovery steps if you have just turned on the RAID Module or replaced a co
ntroller. During these two situations, the battery's self-test diagnostics takes approximately 12
to 15 minutes to complete (dependent on the controller type and whether the batteries were dischar
ged). Until the diagnostic test is completed, you may see Battery Alert or Failure indications in
the Recovery Guru for batteries that are operational and fully charged.

o On some models, the battery canister can weigh up to 24 pounds (10.86 kilograms). Use both hand
s to remove and replace the canister.

o The battery and its replacement procedure vary depending on the type of RAID Module you have. T
he following steps provide common procedures you will need to perform for a battery replacement. C
onsult the appropriate hardware manual if you need details on locating and accessing the battery.

o Each controller in a dual controller module has its own view of the battery's expiration date a
nd current time of day. Under normal circumstances these views should be consistent and you should
observe two battery entries in the Recovery Guru Summary Information Screen, one for each control

Recovery Steps
1. Stop all I/O activity to the controller and turn off the power to the RAID Module.

2. Remove the battery canister and replace it with a new one.

3. Record today's date (installation) and the new replacement date on the label. The replacement
date is 2 years from the installation date.

4. Turn on the power to the RAID Module. Use the raidutil command line utility as follows to rese
t the battery age for EACH controller (device) in the RAID Module: raidutil -c <device name> -R

If you need information on the device name, select Module Profile and look at the Summary Informa
tion screen.

5. Wait 15 minutes and re-run the Recovery Guru to ensure that the failure has been fixed. If a b
attery alert or failure is reported again, you probably did not reset the battery age on EACH cont

Additional Notes
Some older RAID Modules may have separate batteries mounted on each controller. In this case, a b
attery failure entry refers to the battery associated with the controller reporting the failure.


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Source: github.com/k4yt3x/flowerhd