Some problem about ora-12519 error

hi everyone:
    I have a problem about Oracle 10g and a patched bug 1377901.
    Our system using Oracle 10g Win64 version and running a windows 2003 64bit HP.

When I using this system, it sometimes report ora-12519 error, and when this error

occurred, users can not connect to DB Server. This error occurred randomly not

always.  After I analyze the alter_log file, i found many PMON process died when ora

-12519 occur. And, then system will re-spawn a new PMON process, as the time pass by,

system will reached the 150 process limited. And when many users connect to system,

this error occurred frequently.
   I googled this ora-12519 error and hope to find a way to solve this problem. The

error message of ora-12519 is:TNS:no appropriate service handler found , oracle said

the cause of this error is:The listener could not find any available service handlers

that are appropriate for the client connection . But I found another thread said it's

is a oracle's bug, to solve this problem just change the following line in

tnsnames.ora file to another:

 (SID = nsapwebt)
 (SERVICE_NAME = nsapwebt)

Just replace SID with SERVICE_NAME! Really?! I'm changed right now. Then the problem

seems solved. Now the 10g haven't report this error til now. It's very strange!!  And

this bug number is 1377901 and have been fixed on Oracle, but re-occured on

The url explain this fixed problem is:

Is it true?! Have you or your friends who using 10g have been puzzled with this

problem? Can u share with me and other persons?  I known u are a Master of Oracle,

Can u help me?

Thank you.


这几天被学籍的Oracle弄得头疼。数据库用的是oracle10g express,php脚本的服务器上客户端使用的也是oracle10g express,但是在连接数不大的情况下,频繁出现连接不上的问题,查询network/log/tnsname.log,发现ora-12519的错误,但是也没有什么解决办法。

怀疑是oracle10g express的问题,就把数据库换成了oracle9i,结果一切就好了,奇怪,难道是oracle10g express的BUG?

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